Climate Change Committee

Statement of Purpose

The CAA Climate Change Committee supports the CAA’s objective "To promote active discourse and cooperation among archaeological societies and agencies and encourage archaeological research and conservation efforts.” The Climate Change Committee is not an advocacy group and has no direct role in the CAA’s outreach or promotional activities. In this capacity the Climate Change Committee will:

  • Co-ordinate input from the membership on the state of climate-related impacts on archaeological heritage, as well as activities, projects, and programs aimed at addressing these impacts.
  • Develop a network of individuals to monitor, collect, and collate information on the state of climate-related impacts on archaeological heritage in different regions and communities in Canada.
  • Develop liaisons and connections with organizations who are tasked with preserving and protecting archaeological heritage threated by climate-related impacts.
  • Produce materials to be disseminated to the CAA Board of Directors other CAA committees for use in developing CAA policies, programs, and opinions.
  • Produce materials to be disseminated to the CAA membership to communicate the state of climate-related impacts on Canadian archaeological heritage.
  • Additional activities as determined by the Committee and the CAA Membership.

Contact: Matthew Betts

Current Membership

Chair: Matthew Betts, ON (2020–2023)
Members: Michael O'Rourke, BC (2020–2023)
  Scott Neilson, NL (2020–2023)
  Meaghan Peuramaki-Brown, AB (2020–2023)
Student Member: Tekla Cunningham, MB (2020–2023)

Scope: National, with regional representatives.

Authority: Recommendations and Communications of the Climate Change Committee must be approved by the CAA Board of Directors.

Committee Composition: The Climate Change Committee consists of a Chair (or two Co-Chairs), and four other CAA members representing different regions of Canada. It may also include members in other countries and must include at least one student member. Membership is open to all CAA members.

Term: The term of service is three years, beginning and ending at the AGM. Terms can be renewed once and are staggered to ensure continuity.

Committee Communications: Meetings or other forms of communication are organized by the Committee Chair (or Co-Chairs).

Reporting: The Climate Change Committee reports in writing, and directly to the CAA Board of Directors. The Chair (or Co-Chairs) submits a report on work in progress at each of the two Board meetings annually (spring and fall). A representative from the committee will also make a brief summarizing report to the membership at the AGM during the annual conference.

Review: The Terms of Reference of the Climate Change Committee will be reviewed periodically by the CAA Board of Directors.