Pjila'si Welcome Bienvenue CAA/ACA 2023 Membertou, NS/NE 3–6 May/mai

55th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Archaeological Association

About the Theme

The theme for this conference is “Gathering Perspectives.” As a way of learning and knowing, archaeology draws on many fields of study: geology, chemistry, ethnology, geomatics and biology to name a few. This way improves understanding of archaeological records of events, peoples’ lives and their identities; it is a strength of archaeological practice. At the same time, the discipline of archaeology has only recently begun to acknowledge, honour and respect its responsibilities to, and impacts on, the descendants of those who made the places and belongings studied. Like family heirlooms, secrets and truths, archaeological sites and artefacts are also personal legacy.  Descendants’ perspectives on value, interpretation and care are critical in decision-making, as expertise is gathered to inform management and education. As Indigenous leaders and co-hosts of CAA 2023, the Maw-lukutijitk Saqmaq (Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Chiefs) believes in the importance and necessity of this growth of archaeological practice. In Mawpeltu’ek (Membertou), we shall gather and gain perspectives…to the benefit of us all. Msɨt No’kmaq.