Student Committee

Statement of Purpose

The student committee advocates for post-secondary students studying archaeology in Canada. It promotes, facilitates, celebrates, and communicates student initiatives and achievements. The committee aims to create a safe, welcoming, and encouraging environment for all students of archaeology. The committee also maintains a communicative network between post-secondary students studying archaeology, and the CAA Board of Directors.

Contact: Susannah Clinker and/or Christie Fender

Current Membership

Co-Chair: Susannah Clinker (University of Toronto)
Co-Chair: Christie Fender (University of Saskatchewan)

LOCATION / Institution Graduate Representative Undergraduate Representative
Simon Fraser University Ongoing recruitment Arham Khan
Gemma Rance
University of British Columbia
Ongoing recruitment
Jihee Yun
Izzy Thurber
Kendra Lishman
Ciara Albrecht
University of Northern British Columbia
Ongoing recruitment
Patrick Smith
Athabasca University David Blaine Stephanie Collins
MacEwan University No graduate program
Ongoing recruitment
University of Alberta Liam Wadsworth Dylan Vadnais
Mount Royal University Stephanie Skelton McKenna Poluk
Rodrigo Cortez
University of Calgary Edeyan Omoweh
Kelsey Pennanen
Chloe Ratti
University of Lethbridge Ongoing recruitment Sarah Hutchinson
University of Saskatchewan Christie Fender Ongoing recruitment
University of Manitoba Ongoing recruitment Ongoing recruitment
University of Winnipeg No graduate program Ongoing recruitment
Lakehead University Lauryn Eady-Sitar     Anglesh Manjiparambil
Jo Moore
Steph Skelton
Trent University Ongoing recruitment Brandon Montague
McMaster University Paige Repton Livianna De Biasi 
University of Toronto (St George Campus) Susannah Clinker Rebecca Honour
Adelaide Sale
University of Toronto (Mississauga Campus)          Ongoing Recruitment Ongoing Recruitment
University of Toronto (Scarborough Campus) Ongoing Recruitment Ongoing Recruitment
University of Western Ontario Ashley Piskor 
Emily Henry 
Paul Josheph Carniglia
Laval University Ongoing Recruitment Ongoing Recruitment
McGill University Katrina Kosyk Ongoing Recruitment
Memorial University Alyshia Reesor Heather Tough
Finley Fleming 
NORTHWEST TERRITORIES Ongoing Recruitment Ongoing Recruitment
YUKON TERRITORY Ongoing Recruitment Ongoing Recruitment
NUNAVUT Ongoing Recruitment Ongoing Recruitment
Cape Breton University Ongoing Recruitment Hannah McCabe
NEW BRUNSWICK Ongoing recruitment Ongoing recruitment
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Ongoing recruitment Ongoing recruitment

Scope: National, with regional representatives.

Authority: The program of activities and recommendations of the Student Committee must be approved by the CAA Board of Directors.

Committee Composition: The Student Committee consists of a Chair or Co-Chairs, and post-secondary archaeology students representing institutions across Canada. The committee will aim to comprise at least one (1) undergraduate and one (1) graduate student from each institution with an archaeology-related program(s) and to include representation from every Province and Territory in Canada. As membership to the committee changes every academic year, recruitment for this committee is ongoing. Membership is open to all students of archaeology (whatever their home department) registered at a post-secondary institution in Canada. Student committee members are strongly encouraged to be active members of the CAA.

Term: The term of service is one year, beginning and ending at the AGM. Terms can be renewed up to five times for a total of six years. The maximum term for a Chair or Co-Chair is three years.

Rights and Obligations of Members: Active members in the CAA Student Committee have the right to be represented on the National level to the CAA Board of Directors through the Student Committee Chair(s). Members also have the right to participate in the Committee through its structures and services. Members are obliged to respond to communications from the Student Committee Chair(s) and to canvas other students in their programs and share information with them at the request of the Student Committee Chair(s).

Committee Communications: Primary communication with the Chair(s) of the committee shall take place through Meetings or other forms of communication are organized by the Chair(s). Informal committee communications may also take place through “Archaeology Student Communications” closed Facebook Group.

Reporting: The Student Committee reports in writing, and directly to the CAA Board of Directors. The Chair (or Co-Chairs) submits a report on work in progress at each of the two Board meetings annually (spring and fall). A representative from the committee will also make a brief summarizing report to the membership at the AGM during the annual conference.  

Review: The Terms of Reference of the CAA Student Committee will be reviewed periodically by the Committee Chair(s) as membership changes require, and periodically by the CAA Executive Board. All amendments to the Terms of Reference must be approved by Student Committee Chair(s) and the CAA Board of Directors by consensus.