Pjila'si Welcome Bienvenue CAA/ACA 2023 Membertou, NS/NE 3–6 May/mai

55th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Archaeological Association

Conference Excursions / Adventures

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Mi’kmaw Cultural Experience at Goat Island (with Eskasoni Cultural Journeys)

Wednesday May 3, 2023
Depart: 1:30 pm from MTCC
Return: 5:00 pm to MTCC
Ticket Price: $70 (bus transportation incl.) / $50 (U-drive)


Registration Needed - Maximum participants 80

Immerse yourself into Mi’kmaw life on this guided tour.  Led by Mi’kmaw cultural interpreters, guests will visit several villages along the 2.4 km route, and learn about Mi’kmaw way of life, joining in some of these experiential activities.

  • Take part in a smudging ceremony
  • Learn to make four cents cake over an open fire
  • Learn the art of basketry
  • Learn and join in traditional dance
  • Speak to a trading post merchant
  • Play the ancient game of Waltes
  • Learn about hunting and fishing techniques

*Wear comfortable footwear and dress for the weather of the day.

Evening at Louisbourg (*Premier Excursion* meal included)

Thursday May 4, 2023
Depart: 4:30 pm from MTCC
Return: 10:00 pm to MTCC
Ticket Price: $105 (bus transportation incl.) / $75 (U-drive)

Registration Needed - Maximum participants 140

This event will include a tour of the collections at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, a demonstration of blacksmithing at the artisan shop, dinner at the fortress restaurant, a tour of the reconstructed site highlighting the diverse histories of the fortress and fortified town, and live music at the tavern to conclude the evening. Guests will be divided into four groups in order to ensure plenty of time to enjoy and ask questions of each segment of this adventure
We are happy to be able to offer bilingual (French / English) coverage for the tour portion of the evening.

Meal Options

  1. 6 oz. haddock fillet on a bed of lightly sauteed dandelion greens (if available, if not, arugula) with hazelnut and basil cream sauce. Served with rice pilaf and maple roasted carrots and parsnips.
  2. Breaded chicken kiev presented with garlic and lemon-roasted potatoes and a chanterelle mushroom gravy, served with green beans almondine.
  3. *Vegan option* Roasted red pepper and chickpea maple stew served with vegan flatbread and various crudites and a hazelnut dukkah (a blend of nuts, spices and oils for dipping.)

The Deepest Excavation Unit - Coal Miner’s Museum

Saturday May 6, 2023
Depart: 1:15 pm from MTCC
Return: 3:30 pm to MTCC
Ticket Price: $60 (bus transportation incl.) / $40 (U-drive)

Registration Needed – No Maximum, but minimum 50 need for bussing option

The Cape Breton Miners’ Museum in Glace Bay pays tribute to the contribution of the region’s coal miners and coal mining industry. Join a retired mine guide for an underground mine tour of the Ocean Deeps Colliery, a coal mine beneath the museum. Browse the modern exhibits and stroll through the historic village, located next to the museum, stepping back in time and visiting a company store and a home from the period 1850–1900. The museum also features a fascinating exhibit on the geological development of Cape Breton’s coal field.  

After touring the museum, stop by the gift shop where you will find local Cape Breton-made arts and crafts.


Membertou Trade and Convention Centre to Goat Island Trail Eskasoni

Membertou Trade and Convention Centre to Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

Membertou Trade and Convention Centre to Coal Miners Museum