56th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Archaeological Association

About the Logo

CAA/ACA 2024 Saskatoon; artist: Chris Chipak (@inchipakwetrust)

The conference logo embodies respect, depicted by the bison, the sustainer of life and an emblematic symbol of the prairie landscape, as is the sheaf of wheat. A blue river runs beneath Saskatoon’s iconic traffic bridge which visually connects the past cultural landscape to the current cityscape. The sun signifies the land of living skies, and the layers are reminiscent of stratigraphy.

Chris Chipak (@inchipakwetrust)The logo was created by Chris Chipak (@inchipakwetrust), a First Nations artist born in Meadow Lake, SK. From age three to 17, Chris was raised in the reserve known as Red Pheasant First Nation. He was a self-taught artist who first learned about art through coloring book, eventually replacing his coloring in these books with recreating the images he saw onto separate pieces of paper. He gained an eye for the shapes and thick black lines from these images. Growing up on reserve allowed Chris to see the wildlife from his front yard. Animal teachings are something that always stuck with him, especially now as an educator, he uses animal teachings for youth to gain an understanding of life experiences and values through animals. Throughout his art journey and teaching career, storytelling has always been a self-proclaimed gift that allows him to create visuals and draw connections to others’ experiences. Chris graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Education and he currently teaches in Saskatoon, SK. Over the past few years, Chris has designed artwork as a hobby, but has also been commissioned for work with Team Sask NAIG, Polaris Music Prize, Crave TV. Aside from his career, he focuses on his art and on a new chapter in his life of starting a family. Hiy Hiy