Pjila'si Welcome Bienvenue CAA/ACA 2023 Membertou, NS/NE 3–6 May/mai

55th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Archaeological Association

About the Logo

CAA/ACA 2023 Membertou, NS: Gathering Perspectives/Recueillir des points de vue/Mawa'tumk Ta'n Telita'simk

The logo for this year’s conference centres around the tree, a living being that gathers what it needs to grow (water, nutrients, stability) from its roots to produce branches, leaves and seeds for the future – its legacy. You will find the faces of Elders and children in the tree’s branches, growing from the ancestors and belongings (artefacts) amongst the roots. The knowledge passes through the trunk (languages, lexicons, cultures and values – diverse perspectives, all) and the tree reaches new height and breadth. It blossoms, fruits and flourishes for now and the future as the tree feeds today’s people - those whose faces are among the branches.

The Mi’kmaw language version of the conference theme is at the bottom – like the stratigraphy we find on archaeological sites of that which came first….and supports the strong base for growth and understanding.

The 7 faces represent the teachings that our actions honour and help the next 7 generations honour and recognize the teachings left by the past 7 generations.

The Mi’kmaw double curve motif, that resembles a canoe, carries us all in Membertou, as we move forward together.

This year’s logo was designed by Mi’kmaw graphic designer, Hailey Isadore, who is from the Wagmatcook Mi’kmaw community.  Hailey is a member of the communications team at Kwilmu’kw Maw-klusuaqn where she uses her skill set to support their organization and the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Chiefs.