Bradley G. Hyslop

Date award received: 

It is my great pleasure to announce that this year’s Margaret and James F. Pendergast Award will be presented to Mr. Bradley G. Hyslop. The Pendergast award recognizes exemplary contributions to Canadian archaeology by an avocational archaeologist. Brad Hyslop’s contribution to central boreal forest archaeology is both exceptional and exemplary. His first mentor, Paddy Reid, worked with him to develop his field skills and encouraged him to carefully document site locations and catalogue his discoveries. He is now considered to be an innovative, professional archaeologist by many of his colleagues. For more than 20 years Brad has conducted field work at Lac Seul, in northwestern Ontario. He has demonstrated that this area was a hub of activity during the entire pre-contact period. He has made considerable efforts to communicate his results through conference presentations and publications.  He is an active member of the CAA, as well as the Manitoba Archaeological Association and the Ontario Archaeological Association. Brad is also a tireless advocate for Canadian archaeology and often shares his experiences with youth and non-professional audiences. According to Kevin Brownlee, Brad’s skill, ability and passion make the profession much richer, and make him a worthy candidate for the Margaret and James F. Pendergast Award.